Quartered Maple w/ Green Fade – Watchtower [sold]

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Quarter sawn Maple stave w/ a green fade stain and high gloss lacquered finish

It’s hard to beat the sound of maple when it comes to drum construction.  This Solid Maple stave snare is machined to 7/16″ thick, and is hand buffed to a high gloss finish.

“…the Watch Tower model has a series of vertical slits in the shell.  This plays well with another basic principle of the physics of sound associated with drum design and engineering.  Drums are thought to usually project sound mostly from the top and the bottom heads, throwing the sound vertically up and down.  They do, however, have an inherent tendency to throw the sound horizontally through the shell.   In opening up the lateral sides of the shell via the slits, the Watch Tower drum distributes the sound in all directions.”   …Not So Modern Drummer

14″ x 13″ x 6″

RCK Strainer and Butt
Triple Flanged Rims
Chromed Tube Lugs
Premium Evans Heads
German Snare Wires

This is a clean recording using an SM57. (please forgive my playing)