Zebrawood Portfolio

The keystone series is perhaps our most innovative drum. Built with a  14”  batter head and a  13”  resonant head: THESE  SNARES  ROCK!

They give you the feel and tuning range of a 14″ snare, with the crack and pop of a 13″.  These drums have a natural ability to cut though any mix with astounding projection.  The stick response on these drums is incredibly snappy. Testing  has shown an average increase of twenty percent in resonant head deflection, as well as an increase of three decibels off the resonant head.  This translates into hyper sensitive snare response, even when played in the very low dynamic ranges. The wood staves these drums are constructed from are hand picked for grain and tonal quality.  The  joints are fine tuned by hand and glued up at the proper angle for the depth drum desired.  The shells are then machined to a consistent thickness, double 45 degree bearing edges and snare beds are cut and fine tuned. The interiors of the shells get several applications of tung oil.  This protects the wood without interfering with it’s natural tone. Exteriors get several coats of lacquer.  This is then buffed out to a mirror like finish, or rubbed out to a beautiful satin finish.

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