What Makes a Tapered Castle Drum special?

The Castle Drum Company specializes in the creation of conical drums, which features a 14” batter head and a 13” resonant head. This unique design results in the familiarity and tuning range of a traditional 14” drum, but produces the desirable “snap” and “crack” of a 13” drum. The unique conical shape of our drums adds amazing new dimensions to the tone of the drum. A Stave Cross Section can be seen here. 

Castle Drum Company is built around the principle that a snare drum is only as good as the materials, design, and craftsmanship of the shell.

Master craftsman David Cheney draws on over twenty-five years in the fine woodworking business, and over thirty-five years of drumming experience, to create these magnificent works of art.

Hyper sensitive snare response combined with the incredible stick response makes this an extremely fun drum to play.



All our snare drums are made of solid wood staves. (For those who may not be familiar with stave drum construction, think of it as a “wooden barrel”). Individual vertical wood staves are joined together to make up the cylinder. Thus, by using solid wood instead of the more typical plywood shell, you end up with a shell that uses very little adhesive. (Glues do not resonate the same way wood does, so the more glue there is the less resonance a drum will have.)  The grain orientation also plays a big part in the drum sound.  Having the grain running in all the same direction aids in the shells over all resonance.

All our drums are built to meet the highest standards. This starts byhandpickingg only the finest wood, and machining it so that each part fits seamlessly together. Theall-importantt bearing edges and snare beds are cut and sanded to meet our precise tolerances.

The interior of each drum shell receives several coatings of natural tung oil.  This allows for the inherent warm tones of the wood to naturally blend with the overall sound of the drum.

The exterior of the shell receives numerous coats of lacquer in order to protect the drum, but we are also careful to ration the lacquer so that the drum is not “choked.”

There are so many custom drum builders out there now, many of them producing very nice instruments. Through innovative designing and testing, we’ve created drums that stand out from the crowd with a voice all their own.